The Trust - Your professional logistics network

The first Trust started in 2008 and now we are just over 40 members from various industries. Our purpose is to create an inspiring meeting place where you, together with like-minded people, can exchange knowledge and experiences, develop your skills and expand your logistics network. Every year, we organise 10 inspiring meetings focusing on personal skills development, the logistics of tomorrow, crucial future issues and trend research with extra focus on sustainability.

This is how the Trust works

The Trust is coached by Paul Kleiby, CEO of Network Logistics, who has over 30 years of experience in logistical change work in several different industries


Meetings are held 2-3 times per quarter as per an established annual plan. The annual fee includes at least five meetings that you can choose from the program. Choose topic by time, interest and agenda. Meetings are held in both physical and digital form


Today's Case - the host company uses the Trust for a current issue - the participants are a sounding board. This provides a development of participating companies' "business".


Prior to each Trust meeting, a document is sent out to all participants, where it is expected that the participants provide input on the meeting's question(s).

In person

Each Trust meeting is held at the participating companies and the hosting circulates. We always do a guided tour of the business to get a better picture of flow, bottlenecks etc.

Current case

The main items on the agenda are the host company's Case and a current area within the Supply Chain.


A legally binding confidentiality agreement is signed by all participants to create the necessary security and transparency as well as having access to the documentation presented at each meeting.

This is what you get as a member

  • Coaching, inspiration and ongoing competency development across 10 events per year.

  • Wide network of people with different experiences.

  • Great mix of companies' mixed expertise in e.g. retail, ports, third-party logistics, industrial companies, logistics properties.

  • Take part in the development of logistics and other companies' challenges and solutions to problems.

  • Meet experts in the field who provide you with new knowledge and energy to start your own change projects.

  • Support from independent colleagues.

  • Continuous opportunity to discuss challenges with the coach.

Suitable for you who

  • Is committed, ambitious and curious
  • Wants to be inspired to new challenges
  • Is seeking knowledge and interested in exchanging experiences with other logistics providers
  • Wants to develop and grow in your role
  • Wants to supplement or lacks a relevant network with similar interests

Upcoming meetings

Getinge – Hur arbetar ledningsgruppen med logistikens möjligheter

november, 2022 (datum publiceras snarast)

Automation med Knapp i Malmö

26 oktober, 2022

Logistic Accelerator. Digital Hub Hamburg och Hamburg Hamn

28-30 september, 2022

Program under utveckling

31 augusti, 2022

Båstadgruppens utveckling med nya lokaler. Nytt WMS, nytt ERP och automation av plocket.

9 juni, 2022


5 maj, 2022 – Helsingborg

Previous meetings

e-commerce at Jysk – digital meeting

10 december, 2020


11 november, 2020 – Helsingborg

Automation with Thomas Karlsson, Element and Sverker Lindbo

6 oktober, 2020

Urban Freight and its impact on deliveries

18 mars – Göteborg

Opportunities with transport of goods by rail

16 april – Trelleborg

Become a member of the trust

Whether you are looking to sharpen your skills, develop in your professional role or stay up to date with the latest trends, membership in the Trust is a first step in meeting people at the same level and broadening your network.

Annual fee

28,000 SEK

excluding VAT

Registration of interest


Contact me

Paul Kleiby

0705-95 78 67


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